April 29, 2010

Dress shirt disaster

Calling all creative minds! What do I do with this shirt?!

My favourite white dress shirt is ruined! I put it away during my pregnancy and made the mistake of hanging it on a cheap blue plastic hanger. Now the shirt is blue from the plastic and the stains won't go away! I've tried everything... So I'm now looking for a make-over. But what? Do I dye it? Go nuts with textile marker? Needlepoint? Scissors?

April 18, 2010


I found this amazing book in a second-hand book store in my neighbourhood yesterday. I could have bought it for the cover alone!

April 12, 2010

Somebody please stop me

So I went nuts on Etsy and bought a bunch of beautiful vintage patterns. I can't wait to get started!

April 10, 2010

More sleep = more sewing

Our son is now starting to sleep through the night (it only took 9.5 months...) which means more energy for sewing! Here are two more tops I made from "Twinkle Sews".

I made the first one (Take Manhattan) in a soft white cotton that I tie-died in navy blue.

I reused fabric from a maternity dress for the second top (Dark Secrets).

April 6, 2010

Done and done!

The fisherman sweater is done! It turned out a bit bigger than the pattern size but I like it. It's very soft and I think I'll wear it for the first time tomorrow! Now I'm thinking I might knit another one for my 9 month old son.

I also finished another project this weekend. A few weeks ago I found a very cute fabric at The Workroom and used it for a vintage shirt dress I blogged about some time ago. Now I can't wait for summer!