April 10, 2010

More sleep = more sewing

Our son is now starting to sleep through the night (it only took 9.5 months...) which means more energy for sewing! Here are two more tops I made from "Twinkle Sews".

I made the first one (Take Manhattan) in a soft white cotton that I tie-died in navy blue.

I reused fabric from a maternity dress for the second top (Dark Secrets).


  1. They look great! love the tie dye. I'm in the process of making the dark secrets top and am stuck on step 6. Any tips?

  2. I didn't follow the instructions when it came to the balloon sleeves and skipped making a twist in the fabric. First I sewed the sleeves together along the short seam, then I sewed gathering thread along both of the longer edges and spent quite some time pinning them to the arm of the garment.
    Have you made any other of the "Twinkle Sews" patterns?

  3. These do look Great! and I too am having trouble with the balloon sleeve but will skip the "twist the fabric" direction. It was really confusing me. Your version looks lovely!