July 31, 2010


Before picking up the serger yesterday I went to the fabric store to get some thread as well as zipper and buttons for my two last projects (pictures to come later this week). As I made my way to the cashier I suddenly found myself sitting down going through the fall/winter Vogue pattern catalogue.

I have been dreaming of a 1940's jacket for a while and I found exactly what I had in mind in the Vintage Vogue section.
Wouldn't this look fabulous in a tomato red wool crepe? And a fur shrug of course!

This will truly put my sewing skills to the test... What have I gotten myself in to? I still have lots of fabric left from my last two skirts and I have plans to complement them each with a short straight jacket. I'll start with a super easy jacket before I throw myself in to the world of tailoring (GAAH!).

July 28, 2010

Hello again!

I told you I was coming back at the end of July, didn't I?

My vacation was amazing. I thought that the Scandinavian summer (usually 18 degrees and rain) would allow me to get some more sewing done but since most evenings were spent outside enjoying the warm summer nights (and NO mosquitos!) I barely finished two muslins. On the other hand, the last few nights here at home have been quite productive and my two first skirt designs are now finished. Voila!

The first skirt is a straight under-the-knee skirt with two kick pleats at the front.

                                                                                 Black buttons to come!

The second skirt is a SUPER tight trumpet skirt with a longer back piece which shows of the amazing bronze lining I found in a small fabric store in my old home town. The skirt looks absolutely fabulous while walking and moving around (no sitting in this one, way too tight). Notice my $15 vintage pumps!

(And let me put an end to any pregnancy rumours. What you are seeing is just a huge portion of pasta with scallops in a cream/vodka/tarragon/lemon sauce from an unfortunate camera angle)

More news! I have finally made the commitment to get a serger. Wow! I'm picking it up in a few days.

July 18, 2010

Lana Lobell

A dear friend have introduced me to Lana Lobell! It was a popular mail order catalog in the 1950's and 60's started my Boris and Sophie Leavitt in Pennsylvania and named after their daughter. Sometimes I feel I was born 40 years too late...

July 16, 2010

Are you still there?

I'm still away on my Scandinavian vacation and enjoying myself tremendously. I won't be able to upload any pictures until I'm back but so far I've made some great finds! Fabric and knitting patterns, a couple of outfits (including a pair of suede pumps from the 50's for $15!!). I've also made muslins of my two skirts and requited myself with my old prom dress that still fits! I've been very productive!

I have some remodeling plans for my prom dress once I'm back in Toronto and I hope to finish at least one of my skirts before I get back.

Now I'm off to the beach with my son!