July 31, 2010


Before picking up the serger yesterday I went to the fabric store to get some thread as well as zipper and buttons for my two last projects (pictures to come later this week). As I made my way to the cashier I suddenly found myself sitting down going through the fall/winter Vogue pattern catalogue.

I have been dreaming of a 1940's jacket for a while and I found exactly what I had in mind in the Vintage Vogue section.
Wouldn't this look fabulous in a tomato red wool crepe? And a fur shrug of course!

This will truly put my sewing skills to the test... What have I gotten myself in to? I still have lots of fabric left from my last two skirts and I have plans to complement them each with a short straight jacket. I'll start with a super easy jacket before I throw myself in to the world of tailoring (GAAH!).

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