August 31, 2010

Fabric update

The coat? Fuschia flannel wool with a deep turquoise lining.

The dress? Blue plaid wool with a plain wool yoke and dark blue lining.

Impulse fabric purchase? Yes, a striped duponi silk.


  1. Faaaaabulous skirt...there's nothing like a duponi silk-one of my all time favorites.
    ps-love your blog header too :)

  2. I love the fabric, and it matches so well with your top. What pattern did you use?

  3. love the skirt and i can't wait to see how the coat turns out!

  4. I made my own pattern for the skirt. Super easy! I used 1.5 yards of fabric, cut it in half, sewed it together and gathered all of the fabric. I made a 1" waist band (2" wide fabric + seam allowance), attached it to the skirt, added a zipper and voila!

  5. I think you have a great eye for colours. The skirt is fabulous!!

  6. About your pattern for the skirt, when you say 'cut it in half' do you mean with or against the grain? It's lovely, lovely, lovely!

  7. I used a 60" wide fabric and made two panels, each 3/4 yard long. I cut it along the grain to match the stripes in the fabric and sewed both panels together to make one long panel. Then I gathered it and added the waistband. Easiest skirt pattern in the world since you can easily adjust it to your waist measurement.