August 4, 2010

Pretty polka dots

This picture of the handsome Paul Newman and his beautiful wife Joanne inspired me to make a polka dot summer dress. I took longer than I had expected to find a good quality cotton with the proper polka dot proportions but Tygverket in Stockholm had exactly what I was looking for. 
This is the pattern I used. It's becoming one of my favourite patterns to work from.

And here is my dress! The skirt would require a crinoline to show it's full potential. 
And maybe a contrasting black/white polka dot belt?

1 comment:

  1. actually you could do a belt in any color for contrast, like a yellow with yellow heels would be very spring/summer as would an or purple would be lovely for fall as well.... gorgeous dress and i LOVE that pattern....*must find it here now* :)