September 29, 2010

... and after

A way-too-much-70's dress was turned into something more early 60's with a shorter skirt, a more narrow sleeve and shorter neck tie (tied as a mens tie in the picture). The dress fit me pretty well so fortunately I didn't have to adjust the fit. And no, there is nothing like a too busy fabric in my world.

A close-to-disaster-altered dress was turned into... something wearable. I had to basically undo the entire dress, except for the neck part in order to remove the lining, the seam binding tape and the hem. It was a bit too loose in the waist so I took it in 1 inch on each side and re-sewed the whole dress. Of course I could have taken it to the next level and done a new lining but no... I have way more important things to do, I mean sew.

I think I've decided what to do with my old prom dress as well but putting a pair of scissors in my hands and start cutting it is way harder than I thought. Maybe I'll just have to think about it for one more week...

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