September 7, 2010

Labour weekend gives coat

Change of plans again! I didn't use the fuchsia wool for my coat. Instead I opted for a beige wool flannel with a golden lining. The pattern fit me very well. I just did some adjustments on length of the hem and the sleeve. It was a pretty fast job too. Despite brunches, trips to the fabric stores, visits to the park and the petting zoo, I managed to get it done this weekend.

If only the temperature could drop so I can start wearing it (it's 26 degrees in the pictures... And I'm wearing black pantyhose!).

The pattern doesn't include any pockets, just two flaps on each side of the coat. Not that it doesn't look great but how practical is a fall coat without any pockets? There will be an update on that soon. But now I'm off to the next project: circle skirt!

Oh, and I need to come up with another project for the fuchsia wool that's still lying around. Maybe this cape?


  1. This is lovely! The buttons are super nice, and the fit is perfect!

  2. What an amazing job!

  3. Very cute. What number is that pattern?

  4. The pattern I used is McCall's 7451 from the early 60's.