September 24, 2010

Prom dress makeover

My prom dress still fits me but will I ever wear it again? Well, I won't but it has some potential, don't you think? 

Front                                            Back

It's a mermaid shaped dress with a boat neckline in a blood red duponi silk. I want to shorten it to knee-length but then what? Should I redo it completely with a separate bodice and full skirt? Or should I just make it in to a sheath dress? 


  1. I would go with the separate bodice and full skirt if you have enough fabric. I loved your full skirt a few posts back. It looked great on you so that style would work for you. And also I was wondering if you could tell me the pattern company and number for the cute camel coat you made.

  2. Thanks Maggie! I love full skirts and duponi silk is perfect for it.

    Oh, and I used McCall's 7451 for the coat.

  3. I'd say: Cut it short--just above the knee, make the skirt narrow, cut off one shoulder then take some of the fabric and make something of interenst to put at the shoulder or waist. You'd have to take out the zipper and change that, but I think it is causing the back to buckle--maybe an invisible one at the side.

  4. Wow-What an amazing color! I don't think you can go wrong with either a full skirt or a short shift. Just depends if you want to go 50's or 60's. Which do you prefer?

  5. Eleen Fashions and I both commented over at SewRetro that Butterick 5032 is a GREAT option for this dress. Pattern Review has a pic here:

    I'd shorten it up and add the sheer overskirt in a contrasting color, maybe fusschia? I know that sounds weird, but if you find the _right_ shade of fuschia, it will go very well with red.

  6. This is crying out to be a wiggle dress.