November 29, 2010

Another vintage sweater

The holiday dress is coming along. It's actually more or less done, it's just the belt that's missing. Meanwhile, I did finish that vintage sweater I started a few weeks ago and LOVE how it turned out. The wool is very warm though so it will have to wait for those cold, cold Canadian January mornings. Brrr!

November 26, 2010

Holiday dress in progress

My holiday dress is almost ready! I chose a black lace with a nude lining and made my own pattern with a fitted bodice, 3/4 sleeve and a straight skirt with gathers on the side.

What's left is attaching a zipper and hemming the nude lining. I will definitely wear a belt, maybe in black but I'm leaning towards one in red velvet for that extra festive feeling! Pictures will be posted when it's finished!

On a different note, I have a stack of dresses found at Goodwill for $2/each that I'm remaking. Read more at Garderobsreformen!

November 24, 2010


My friend Carina has challenged all of us at Garderobsreformen to make underwear. Now I just have to figure out a pattern and start making some panties!

All images from

November 19, 2010

In the works

News! I will soon be launching my vintage pattern shop on etsy! I have come across some very nice patterns and here is a sneak peak of what will be offered:

Or will I just keep all of them to myself?

November 11, 2010

That holiday dress

Even though Christmas time for me is mostly about stuffing myself with my dad's cooking, Swedish Christmas treats and walking around in my pj's and my grandmother's knitted socks, I do really want to dress up for Christmas Eve in something fabulous.

And yes, I already have so many dresses I could wear but I need to make myself a special Christmas dress. One of my favourite vintage stores on Etsy, Timeless Vixen Vintage, has some incredible dresses that really inspire me.

Can you believe these dresses?!

November 9, 2010

Next knitting project

Since that last cardigan I knitted turned out so well I decided to make another sweater for the winter season. I chose this sweater (free pattern found here) in a light blue yarn.

I'm not sure how long it will take me to finish the sweater but I hope to wear it very soon. 

November 8, 2010

All you beautiful cottons...

I'm taking a sewing break tonight and just looking at fabrics online. Cotton is my favourite fabric of choice and I can not get enough of prints. These are all from

November 6, 2010

My jumper is here!

Instead of taking the long road and draft my own pattern for the jumper, I took the quicker way and used a pattern I love and I know fits me. Two evenings later and the dress is done!

This is the pattern I used (also used for this dress):

November 3, 2010


I finished the 1944 jacket this evening and rushed to get some pics up here on the blog. I'm usually drawn to the fashion of the late 50's/early 60's and haven't really ventured past those decades. But I love this jacket!

November 1, 2010

Side track

I had plans to draft a pattern and finish a jumper this Halloween weekend but ended up buying fabric for this jacket instead...

The muslin fit me really well, all I had to adjust was the length of the sleeves. Phew! The jacket is almost there. What's left is attaching the lining, putting in shoulder pads, and sew in three buttons. Pictures will be posted as soon as it's done!

THEN I'm making my jumper.