November 6, 2010

My jumper is here!

Instead of taking the long road and draft my own pattern for the jumper, I took the quicker way and used a pattern I love and I know fits me. Two evenings later and the dress is done!

This is the pattern I used (also used for this dress):


  1. Boy, you must sew non-stop! Your stuff is all over the recent Sew Retro posts :)
    I love this jumper, it looks like it is straight out of Mad Men.

  2. That is awesome. The fabric works really well and that great cowl neck jumper looks great.


  3. Oh, this is lovely. Love the outfit! Great job. :-)

  4. I love the volume of you turtleneck and the jumper is just too cute! I would never have recognized the pattern!!!

  5. Great job! the patterns is so versatile I mean you can make a party dress and this one.