March 15, 2011

Another spring coat

Slowly, slowly. I can feel spring arriving. The temperature is crawling above the freezing mark and the snow is gone.  In anticipation of the new season I made myself another coat. This one in navy and beige twill with accents in hot pink.
The original pattern from 1958.

I loved the shape of the shorter coat but wanted to add more details and adjusted the pattern to make beige cuffs on the sleeves and a thicker border on the bottom of the coat. I'm very pleased with the result!


I used hot pink twill under the collar as well as for the lining of the pockets and the belt. I was debating the colour of the lining but went with a navy blue which turned out really well. My first option of light blue would have been too busy.


  1. Great coat.. I have a coat pattern and material just sitting in the studio. This is so inspirational! Perhaps today I cut it out and get stitching!
    I really love the way you added the contrasting piecing! So simple but it gives so much interest!

  2. Wow, this is really an original coat. I like how you made it, i like the contrasting blocks, the colour combination, the silhouette, and the overall look. Very nice coat! Pavla

  3. Superfin kappa! Älskar att du gjorde den tvåfärgad... :)