March 22, 2011

S = Sailors Stripes!

Here's the finished result for the hand painted navy stripe summer blouse:

Before and after!

Bottom seam

Flat fell side seams

It was so easy! I used Setacolor Pebeo fabric paint in Indigo blue and a regular flat paintbrush and went to town. After letting each side of the blouse dry for one hour I set the paint by throwing it in the dryer on high heat for 60 min. Hopefully the stripes will stay after the first wash...


  1. this is great! I've been wanting to do the same thing but with a thick fabric marker. I've seen a lot of kids tops out there with a similar look (but of course printed) and they are so adorable! This top is so nice I'm definitely encourage to give the marker a try!

  2. Oh! This is awesome - I love it! I might have to copy this idea, it's just too good. Let us know how well the stripes stay after you wash it...

  3. So cute!I can't wait to see it modeled!

  4. Just found you on Sew Retro. I love your top. The stripes are awesome. You may want to iron the stripes as well on high heat to set the paint if you are worried, but I think the dryer should have worked!

  5. Thanks Rebecca! Ironing on as well is a great advice.

    I will definitely model this blouse as soon as the weather gets warmer (we had SNOW in Toronto today!).

  6. I really love : very cute and modern!