August 12, 2011

Back to business

My vacation is over and I'm back to my busy life. I feel energized! I'm already starting to plan my fall/winter 2011 sewing list. But before I start drafting patterns and cutting fabric I thought I would share some vacation pics. 
Roadtrip, Öland.

Wall mural, Kosta Boda Glass Mill.

Bruno Mathsson's 1960s town houses, Kosta.

Fresh shrimps, Gothenburg.

1950's school poster with knitting instructions.

Vintage wedding dresses, Stockholm.

Vintage dresses, Stockholm. 
Dry cleaning sign, Stockholm. 
The view from my sister's apartment, Stockholm. 

Ferry at the docks, Kalmar.
Rain, Copenhagen.

Pastries, Copenhagen.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful pictures. I miss Copenhagen so much, but not when it's raining like that! :)