September 13, 2011

Sorbetto + Madeleine = sleep set

Sleeping in old t-shirts and thick socks might be the most comfortable thing I know but let's face it, not very... sexy, is it? And silk lingerie does nothing for me either. So in order to be able to slip out of bed in the morning and being both decent and cute, I made myself a sleep set using free downloads from Colette Patterns.

Sorbetto top and Madeleine mini bloomers.

I found such a nice floral cotton and paired it a light blue bias tape (for the top) and light blue ribbon (for the bottom). The Madeleine bloomers are suppose to sit quite low on the hip but I decided to raise the waist so that they sit just below the belly button.

Click to download the Sorbetto top and Madeleine bloomers patterns!


  1. That is gorgeous! Great job, I keep meaning to do this too, but I haven't found cute enough fabric. Your fabric choice is perfect.

  2. These are sooo precious. I'm going to check out the patterns =)