October 13, 2011

Clover pants

Where to begin. First of all, those Clover pants from Colette Patterns was love at first sight!

But then came the fitting issues... To conclude: I have a weirdly shaped butt. It's bigger, wider, higher, and longer than this pattern suggest it should be. On top of it, my waist is narrow and I have a sway back. Curves in other words. I blame that one on childbirth.

After 4 (!!) muslin and a lot of pins, and some frustration I just couldn't take it anymore. Thankfully, I live next door to a retired couturier (how lucky am I?!) and she, of course, pinpointed the issues I had in about 2 seconds. Crotch length! Crotch circumfence! I had been taking in and shortening things, while what I should have done was to take things out and make the crotch longer.

At the end of it, I have now a great, perfectly fitted, pants pattern that I'll be using until my butt grows bigger.


  1. Excellent and lucky you on the neighbour front. I used to live next to a nurse which was handy for other things, but no one to help with sewing.

  2. She has a dog and a cat too and always provides my son with cookies, i.e she's a great baby sitter! And once in a while she will drop off old sewing patterns, vintage clothes and sewing notions for me!

  3. Oh my - those look great on you! I am too scared of Clover - there's "fitted" and there's fitted... and this pattern is Capital F Fitted!