March 1, 2012


Two spring tops using the same pattern!

Pattern used.

I used a neck and armhole facing for the black floral top but decided to make
my own bias tape for the white floral version using the self fabric. 

I'm also VERY close to finish a spring coat in pink wool based on this pattern:


  1. Nice result, I like the self bias binding a lot!

  2. That is very good binding, mine always comes out a bit wonkey!

    I have chosen you as one of my choices for the Liebster award - thanks for doing such a nice blog!

  3. Oh wow thank you monkeysocks!

  4. Me again (from SewRetro comment) As I wrote there, I did that pattern also, of course different size hehehehe, mine a little bigger, I like yours, next time I'll use bias tape also

  5. Wow I really love that pattern, I will be looking for it. It looks so simple.