When I'm not working on my vintage inspired clothing label Maelle Vintage Dresses, I spend my evenings sewing vintage. This is my blog for inspiration, patterns and my own creative accomplishments.

Sewing, knitting and wearing vintage clothes has always been a part of my life. Growing up, my grandmother’s attic with her old cocktail dresses was my favourite hang-out. I used to dress up in her clothes, jewellery, shoes and hats and spend hours and hours surrounded by her dresses, coats, blouses and skirts. 

One day on a road trip in Ontario, I found a box of filled with vintage sewing patterns in the corner of an antique shop. From that day onward I started working on perfecting my sewing skills, learning how to draft patterns and further educate myself in fashion and costume history. On this journey I found myself buying less and less “off the rack” and making more and more of my own clothes. I got tired of the lack of quality and consideration to different body types and the eternal 20-something style in commercial fashion and was pleased to start my own fashion line Maelle Vintage Dresses in 2010.

The visual arts is an equally strong passion of mine and I have spent almost 10 years now working in the art world. It is a privilege to be surrounded by creative and talented people and something that influences me on a daily basis.